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Worth the Fight is a book about hope and healing. About what is possible if we heal trauma on an individual and collective level and come together by embracing a more sane way of living in relation to our fellow earthlings and the natural world. Generously shared, are insights and tools to overcoming trauma or tools for majorly up-leveling your game, psychedelics not required.   

Worth the Fight calls for a love revolution that is fueled by forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and selfless service to others. A peaceful movement that starts with the reader, a slow march to restore what has been withheld to our times that are defined by fear, discord, and conflict. A bold book of potentially viable and progressive solutions open-sourced and gifted to our world starved of love.

What others think about Worth the Fight:

“Once I started reading ‘Worth The Fight’ I literally could not stop.  Matt Simpson valiantly climbs out of the dark trench of addiction and broken thinking – into the light.
This is a humane, compassionate epic journey of a man who just had to get out of himself in order to find himself.
His voice is so sincere and heartfelt it actually felt like it was me having the experience! The drama, the physicality, finding trust and peaceful bliss – at times it truly felt like I was actually living his life – it’s that visceral. His writing on meditation was particularly helpful. Although it must be said, this is far more than a book about the power of ayahuasca and meditation, it’s an amazing true story about how to heal and be in the world! ‘Worth The Fight’ is well worth your time.  My advice is to read this book as soon as you can!

-Alex Seymour, author ‘Psychedelic Marine”

“I think I’ve read every book that’s been written about psychedelics and ayahuasca. What I love about Worth The Fight is that it gives you daily practices that you can use to improve your life (even if you never try a psychedelic). I’ve found the breath work and daily meditations to be especially helpful. This book suggests a number of different spiritual practices and you can pick and choose the practices that work for you. All of these ideas are wrapped up in a very honest and inspiring story of someone who managed to leave the daily 9-5 grind and make a better life for himself.”

-Bethann, Chicago

“Matt Simpson uses a very personal approach to show how psychedelic drugs, along with other consciousness-expanding techniques, can be valuable aids in one’s inner journey to find peace and meaning. With appropriate respect, guidance, and support, he believes that difficult to treat mental health issues can potentially be helped by using some ancient traditional/indigenous approaches. I alternated between reading this book and Michael Pollan’s book, “How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence”. My mind was definitely changed after reading them, regarding the medicinal value of psychedelics.”

Peggy, Minnesota

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