It has been a wild ride.

8 years ago, I was at the height of my self-abuse. The walls of truth were closing in on me.

I was sick, scared, stuck, misguided, lost, insecure and in a lot of pain.

By all societal measures, I was a success and living the American Dream.

I followed all the rules and never asked any questions, this way of life almost killed me. I followed others and rarely thought for myself.

The childhood sexual trauma that I held closely was eating away at my soul, I was slowly poisoning myself with negative thoughts and erroneous beliefs that I lacked the courage to examine and address. My heart was closed off and nearly broken, beaten down from a lifetime of self-abuse and self-betrayal.

I was completely fucked. I lived dishonestly and my word was mostly undependable. I tried everything multiple times to break my patterns to no avail…

But something shifted.

And then I found meditation.

Poof…Presto Chango!

This daily practice helped me to LET GO of what didn’t serve me and has now created abundant opportunities for inspiration to flow from within.

It is surprisingly simple, let go to let in.

Break down to build up.

These are natural cycles that I have found to align with Universal law. I was missing the mark and unable to see how my wrong thinking was causing all of my heartache and dismay.

I am motivated to share for those that don’t have a voice. My life has changed for the better after committing to serving and helping others push through challenges that I’ve been blessed to move through.


Why do I kick the covers off every morning?


-For the more than 1.5 million US veterans needlessly struggling with PTSD and Depression,

-40+/- million American adult survivors of child sex abuse suffering in silence,

-43% of American women have sexual dysfunction,

-Viagra Sales are off the charts as our warped definition of masculinity now requires a blue pill for the flaccidly impotent,


I walked away from the money—my soul wasn’t for sale. All of this is for LOVE. All of it.

My personal story has been a savory combination of Stealing Fire, Sex at Dawn and Tribe. Three impactful books that have rocked and shaken my belief systems to its deepest core. I now believe anything is possible, that anything can happen! Even peace.

I am truly grateful for all of life’s blessings. Everything on my path has served as a lesson for growth, for the evolution of my soul and being. 

All that I needed was an earnest step in the direction of my dreams. It all starts with just a step.

Credentials and Life Experience

  • 13 years in a leadership role in Corporate America(Blah, Blah, Blah)—Started and sold two businesses. One of them, successful enough for me to life pivot and heal my depression/addictive tendencies and broken spirit. 
  • Travel Journey of a Lifetime: 18 countries in 18 months on the road with a backpack; its the JOURNEY, not the destination. 
  • A weeklong training with Wim Hof and Inner Fire Squad in Poland.
  • 20-day intensive yoga teacher training and spiritual boot camp at The Mystical Yoga Farm at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
  • Extensive experience with psychedelics and plant medicines/teachers. I believe these medicines and compounds are misunderstood tools for healing and transformation: big data for the mind. I’ve walked into the fire enough to guide others to their truth. Psychedelics optional; flow is ubiquitous! 
  • Civilian Ambassador to the US veteran suicide tragedy and epidemic: 22 per day, 8k suicides per year conservatively. In service to our US veterans that are subjected to an uncaring and largely unresponsive American people and the slow-moving bureaucratic federal government.  
  • Program Manager for Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy(VET):  During my time at VET we raised 105K$ for the facilitation of entheogenic therapy to over 150 US veterans suffering from treatment-resistant PTSD. May 2017 – Aug 2018.
  • Volunteered for Zendo(Lightning in a Bottle): Peer support/psychedelic harm reduction May 2019.